Post Singularity Virgin

King of Chads
Oct 2, 2016
Man I'm surprised how this article turned out. It kind of subtley implies that incel grievances with society are a joke and invalid.
Contrast this to societal pandering of issues as stupid and inane as pronouns.

I mean at the end of the day being born in the first world is some sort of lottery ticket even if you are an incel. You are fed sheltered in a society that is largely safe and civilized. For males life is an arena and a minority get the prize.

I'm definitely not a rot fraud as I've struggled alot with women. I'm not that gifted physically my frame is small and I'm asian. 

However I'm averaging around 4-5 lays a year now which means by the time I'm 30 I'll have a pretty strong count.

I'd say facially I'm above average and for a lot of dudes that don't have that luxury life is pretty hard.

I'd say due to biological truths life is much, much more brutal for males than females can ever comprehend. And due to these same biological truths society as a whole has no incentive or compulsion to care about these issues.

It definitely doesn't help that a very large percentage of males here are definitely very autistic as well as rotfrauds.

Most actual incels are often times unaware they are incels or do not post any pictures.


Feb 2, 2019
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