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Maxilla - most important bone in body ?

Apr 1, 2016
[font=Georgia,][font=Montserrat,]Maxilla, Single most important bone in the body?[/font]
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When you take a look at the maxilla, it pretty much makes up your entire face.
It goes right up to the eye sockets and it even extends pretty deep into the face as well.
You can see that the size, shape & position of maxilla will touch everything from the nose, eyes, teeth alignment / palate, zygomatic / side cheekbones, and even the position of the lower jaw.
When you look at the significance of this 1 bone in its entirety, it begins to seem silly that people are only concerned with the teeth when things get crowded.

We can see with ample evidence that the maxilla has profound impact on appearance of eyes & nose

If we had severe malocclusion, chances are one faces insecurities about eyes & nose because these are all at the effect of the maxilla shape & position.
& how the maxilla developed was at the effect of the tongue and jaw muscles.
and when you study where the tongue should rest in its ideal position, you begin to see that its the tongue that causes someone to be extremely attractive.
But the problem I see for those of us that had significant cranial dystrophy, the jaw is too far back for the back of the tongue to properly rise up. When the tip of the tongue goes on the incisive papilla, because the jaw is too far back, it leaves the back of the tongue without any space to go up.
So what are our options if it is near impossible to assume posterior tongue posture?
[font=Montserrat,]Jaw Surgery[/font]
There’s 3 categories for jaw surgery, Le Fort 1,2,3
Here’s what turns me off about Jaw surgery besides the complications of numbness / loss of feeling
Most people that get Le Fort I, although it may improve occlusion, you are still not doing much to the lack of maxilla near the eyes and zygomatic.
Le Fort III is what is encompassing more of that whole maxilla, but still the before & after pictures out there vary a lot.
Its not like in orthotropic cases or oral myology cases where the face 100% looks better after treatment.
At Real Self (a message board about plastic surgery, etc) jaw surgery is 75% approval rate by the users, meaning 25% is facing a situation where they are 100% regretting the surgery.
Some of the stories are truly horrendous.
Loss of feeling. Unbearable nerve pains. Less attractive facial appearance.
Some reporting their face elongating after surgery and the cheeks becoming flat.
The varying stories throw a huge red flag and a question, why is there such big discrepancies in jaw surgery results?
obviously the difference in surgeon is a big factor but is there more to this?
I believe, 1 key factor is those that had great results learned to assume better tongue posture after surgery.
Even cases of Le Fort I, where only the palate moved forward, some patients show nice changes to the eyes & overall facial appearance. This I believe was caused by the improved tongue posture that was possible when the tip of the tongue could extend further forwards & allowing posterior tongue to rise up.
There are jaw surgery results that are truly remarkable as well.

So you cannot completely discredit jaw surgery, because these results literally saved these individual’s lives. The implications are not to be taken lightly.
These are all Le Fort 3 cases, where the facial beauty really comes to light due to the fact that the zygomatic and upper part of the maxilla came forwards (front cheeks).
Oral myology should be required therapy after jaw surgeries because what causes their mal developed jaws to begin with was their oral posture. If that’s not addressed after surgery, the possibility of relapse becomes imminent.
I think a lot of individuals luck out, because 1 they are already an adult which means you care about your appearance, so you are automatically going to assume close mouth posture if you can do it with the new jaws and the tongue has more room to go on the roof so they will tuck that tongue up there and that person will keep correcting themselves overtime.
[font=Montserrat,]Matter of Maxilla[/font]
There’s a Japanese comedy show I watch from time to time called Koi no Karasawagi which translates to Empty Drama of Love, Where they have ordinary girls on the show talk about their romances & go on a talk battle with Japan’s top comedian Sanma, who’s got this unparalleled ability to talk non stop & make people laugh. they call him the Godzilla of Comedy in Japan. I’ve always been a big fan of comedy & comedians, I like US & Britain comedy but Sanma has some crazy talent that puts him in his own class altogether…. but I digress.

This show gives true insight into the mating rituals of humans.
It is well known that guys are more superficial than girls, but evidence like these shows prove other wise.
Each show, they will have some celebrity guests, the guy that women go crazy over are without a doubt the ones with the forward maxilla.
Its almost as if when the maxilla is forward enough to a certain extent, you get categorized in this rare breed of attractive people that others admire & envy, this is that sex appeal that actors & models possess.
& in the modern age, this is very accurate to what’s going on with modern cranial dystrophy.
Its strange looking at it from the perspective of orthodontics & maxilla, but everyone recognizes the same thing.
It is also interesting to see women rank themselves within the social group, as well as the show producers.[/font]

  • the hot ones sit in the front
  • the average in looks sit in the middle
  • the below average sit in the back and are there with interesting characters that provide shows much needed comedy.

In Asia, people are more blunt about looks, especially in Korea or when you involve a comedian like Sanma, these difference in rankings are expressed out loud and made obvious & it is all attributed to the physical. There are many girls that are in denial of their rankings of course, but Sanma is sure to come around provide them their reality checks.
Which really brings daunting realization that no matter how much self-development one gets involved in the area of mental, emotional & spiritual, there is limit to your life experience as determined by the physical structure?
Yes genetics do play a role but when it comes to women and men’s rankings in terms of attractiveness, I believe maxilla is the primary culprit.
Whether you become nervous in front of a girl or the girl becomes nervous in front of you.
Could it be, that its all about who has the more forward maxilla?
Therefore if we can figure out how to bring the maxilla forwards few mm over time, you could potentially stack the power towards your favor and change the entire dynamics in a relationship.
Justin Bieber when younger was cut above the average in facial development, if you forget about the fact that he’s a celebrity, there’s certain life experiences that type of face will have access to that other boys with average looks or recessed maxilla wouldn’t.
Even Justin has been dealt with mal-dental practices of wisdom teeth extractions and I definitely think he lost little bit of that allure from his younger days.
So here’s few more examples of how that maxilla causes that special look in people’s faces.
Hu Bing

Aishwarya Rai
Haruma Miura – he’s like the next Brad Pitt in Japan, hes in a lot of major summer movies that kids go crazy over. I just recently saw one of his Titans movie on the plane after coming back from friend’s wedding in Jamaica. And was impressed with his above average maxilla development right away.
These individual’s edge over the rest of the population is their maxilla in my opinion.
Hence, maxilla is the most important bone in the body.
[font=Montserrat,]Maxilla Method?[/font]
In my last post, I talked about a new treatment that one of my reader’s experimented and discovered that is supposedly moving his maxilla forward with far more efficacy than tongue posture alone, and he is experiencing shift in dynamics in different areas of life just 2 months into treatment including with the opposite sex.
I am still working on getting started with this, but I’m pretty confident that it can at least move that entire maxilla forwards along with the zygomatic bone at least few mm over time. It’s pretty fair to say if you accomplish this you will move up in attractiveness on that scale of 1-10.  I estimate at least 2 points in 1 year. I’m not saying you’ll look like a model but even few mm of improvement in this area is worth going for.
Yes palate expansion does target the maxilla, but it still isn’t causing that whole bone to shift forwards. & the forward dimension is whats most important.
Unlike Le Fort I, if we can get the entire maxilla to shift forwards it will also bring the zygomatic forwards, this means the change will touch the eyes & nose.
If there’s changes to be gotten there its major, & no adult orthodontics or physical medicine I’ve seen is touching those areas to any significant degree yet. Because we are address the maxilla, there is health benefits to all of this as well.


Mar 20, 2016
if this is the case then the lefort 3 is the most important surgery