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Male Pornstars Real Size

Jesus Christ

Aug 5, 2015
Before you get envy about 9' James Deen, know he's been debunked. If I was to measure like that I'd be bigger too. Well he's still 6.5 most likely though and if you're below this number, keep jeally, subhuman. But still he fucked way more women than any of us will anyways so it's a weak cope to debunk his false claim.

The pornstar James Deen claims to be 9 inches long. As we can see from the silly measurement photograph he is nowhere near a true 9". The tape running backwards starts at about 7.5" and reaches to 1".  He is 6.5" or if being generous in the high 6" range according to that measurement.

Keiran Lee claims to be 10 inches just go fuck yourself, Lee. Measuring from the anus his 10 inches though.

The first measurement photograph is bogus we can’t see where the tape starts because it is from underneath.

If we look at the second measurement photograph where Keiran Lee is measured by Puma Swede he can get 8.5" from a side measurement. Correctly measured he is somewhere between 7.5" and 8".

Keiran Lee claims to be over 10 inches. He isn’t :)