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Dec 11, 2015
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[font=Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif][size=small]You're worried about having uneven eyelids? I know so many people with uneven eyelids (eyelids are a big thing for some asians too) but I still find them attractive. And now you're on that list lol! But honestly, I personally think you're being too hard on yourself. We're always our own worst enemy and harshest critic. -drops the mic and steps off of soapbox-
Actually, your eyelids weren't even going to be in my writeup. I'd say the facial hair was the first big thing. For your face, I personally don't think it's working for you. I'd stick to clean shaven, especially with your hair. Also, your lips look chapped in some of your pictures. Lip balm does wonders! ;D
The "telling a spooky ghost story lighting" in that one picture is never flattering at all for anyone lol. Judging yourself from that picture would be like looking into a funhouse mirror. The natural light pictures are a lot better :)
If you're worried about your eyes being asymmetrical, glasses do work in adding another layer of symmetry. And as a bonus they make you look smarter lol, just don't use those round glasses. They remind me of Harry Potter xD Maybe try more rectangular frames. If you're really worried about asymmetry you can try looking up Korean double eyelid tape on Youtube to even out the fold. They're much safer than going under the knife and can actually have permanent results in the long run.
Your skin was another concern for me, but honestly Accutane seems a bit overkill. A simple routine from /r/skincareaddiction would help in getting the ball rolling for you.
Also, you look a bit on the thinner side, don't be afraid to eat a bit! :p
Sorry for being preachy but I really do think you look great! Solid 8/10, especially in that picture where you're smiling with your grandma. Your smile is so just too cute! And I like the hair in that picture too. If you smile like that often, you'll be golden! :)