Looks Theory appraisal and merit


Feb 20, 2016
This adaptation allows us to easily mistake common objects for faces most likely because it is safer to perceive a non-face as a face than fail to recognize a face. Facial recognition is most likely the reason why close up portraits are major image attractors in commercial photography. On top of face detection comes the extra constraining bias of facial symmetry and attractiveness. Facial symmetry is something that our brains have evolved to ascertain because the difficult task of constructing symmetrical bodies gives a good indication of that organism’s overall genetic quality and health. The more symmetrical the face perceived, the more the brain is endogenously rewarded and the more attractive we perceive the face to be. Symmetrical faces are judged to be more attractive across all cultures and even infants, unaffected by social conventions, have been shown to prefer looking at more symmetrical faces.5 This is most likely the reason that images of highly symmetrical men and women adorn so many mediated surfaces.

From a no bullshit article. "Looks Theory" is obviously universal, I'd only like to add that this is one of a small sum of articles on popular platforms that not only acknowledge this theory but AGREE with it...The original piece, which I'm sure most of you can easily find, isn't even ABOUT Looks Theory or anything to do with human beauty (aesthetics has been MEME'D, AVOID USING THAT WORD AT ALL COSTS). I love this poignant modesty...