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looks cause being socially retarded


Jul 10, 2015
Just LOL at some bluepilled idiots in here who claim incels don't get laid because they're socially akward and not
so much because of their looks. It breaks down like this:

how you see yourself->how you act
how people see you->how your actions are perceived.

It is funny when you guys don't realise this shit goes way back to primary school. At that stage (8-12 years), if you are below 6/10 and you were rejected by most girls/made fun of/the freak of the classroom, you will be permanently scarred
for life and there is little you can do to fix it.

What happens in HS and your teenage years will probably be simply and extension of those blows received during the
early years, coping and trying to fit into the social moulds only to fail and become an incel.

If you have average looks or potential but you were shunned during childhood it is game over, you will never develop the social skills needed to be popular while your actions will be perceived negatively due to the failo effect. I know everyone here knows that but it needs to be clear that looks define EVERYTHING even from the early ages.

Seriously, even the most aspiecel out there doesn't act clumsily and akward and shit because of his mental state, he acts like that because of his LOOKS and how he perceives himself based on the feedback he got  from early social interactions.

The only thing left is to looksmax and go to the gym so you can at least score a nice hot tranny one day, forget about hot JB or prime girls waiting to fuck you when you go up from 3/10 to 4/10, by that time you will be 5 years older and your social skills the same as when you were in year 6.