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Look at this reddit bluepill on small penises

Jul 16, 2015
Guy complained about having a microdick and got these bluepill as fuck responses. They should be telling him to M max and spend his time on powerful drugs 24/7 andfucking hookers.

"Own it. Learn to be confident and enthusiastic on the outside, even when it's the last thing you feel like doing. Become an expert at oral sex and fingering, and you should be in good shape. Best of luck"

"I third this from personal experience. I dated a guy with a small penis. What drove me away had nothing to do with his penis, but his massive insecurities about it. I didn't give a shit about his small penis because we had fun lots of other ways but I couldn't handle how he acted out his insecurities on me and that he was never willing to believe that I was sexual satisfied in our relationship."

"Learn to be a good lover. Women can have orgasms without penetration. When you get to know someone and you get comfortable with each other, there are ways to get around everything. Communication is key. There are so many toys out there that everyone can be satisfied if you are willing to talk about what you both want. "

"Fuck your small penis. No offense. Intimacy and willingness to satisfy a partner are about 20x more effective."



Jul 5, 2015
if your girth is under 13cm it's physically impossible to give a woman vaginal orgasms unless she has a really small vagina, so small that it would pose a problem giving birth and that's 5% of women at best