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Look at old photo albums to see how well you will age

Aug 12, 2015
If you've swallowed the age pill and want to see how well you will age, just take a look at old family albums and compare how your dad and male relatives look at different ages. Try to find the age where their looks start going downhill. Chances are you will age similarly.

According to my observations, my dad (a decent looking guy back in his day) looked best when he was 24-25. In his high school days and early 20s he still looks too boyish to be in his prime for looks. At 24-25 he seemed to achieve the perfect balance of youth and manly ruggedness. In the pictures of him in his late 20s, 30s, 40s, etc. his looks just slowly decline and nowadays he looks old and washed up like most 53yo men do. I am almost 22 and notice myself looking more aesthetic and masculine with each year but it worries me because I probably only have 2-3 years left before my looks head the other direction. 

So when do you guys think your looks will peak out? Or maybe you've already peaked and want to share how you knew your looks were over the hill. Share your thoughts on aging.