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Long-term Fillers for Nasal Augmentation?


Aug 11, 2015
My nasal width is absolutely abysmal. Like legit child-tier, according to facebase.org's data. Add in the fact that I have wide zygos, & I look like a freak. The situation could only be worse if my nose was longer, or upturned. Anyone have any suggestions for fillers? What kind of impact could SARPE have? 

I know that many people complain about too much alar flare post-op, but in my case, I think it might be an improvement. Both my ENT, & a well-regarded orthodontist/orthotropist(or whatever) said I would benefit from a bit of palate expansion, though my teeth aren't crowded. I also had 4 wisdom teeth removed several years ago, though I've since been informed that they weren't impacted, & I probably had enough room for them.

Anyone have any insights? Any chance that SARPE could reduce my nasal protrusion/projection too much?