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LOL these a-rabs ...


Jul 18, 2015
asiri said:
Greetings, My name are Ashitah Vrazih. I’m diagnosed with esophageal cancer, it went unnoticed and I had to undergo a laryngectomy. I am about to end the race like this without any child and in contrast to how family members & friends has completed treating me during horrible moment in my life? I decided reaching out to a total stranger in your person. I decided to WILL/donate the sum of 4 million Euros to you for the good work of the lord. I want this last act of mine to be an Offering to GOD and humanity. Send a note back with this ref. “ASRV” back so i know you got this and you can contact me on my address avrazih19952@gmail.com, I know we don’t know each other. God bless you abundantly.

Seems legit.