List of major muppets on this site.

Feb 12, 2016
Nizoral Babe: Fat Mexican (who looks pretty much 100% White), e-stats his bi-fatoild width, has a tiny little dick which he pumps and claims is thick as fuck, runs perma-squint game (mass denial ensues when called out on it), mistakes his jowls for a 'thick neck'.

iftsj: 150+ I.Q (okay.gif), e-stats the fuck out of his dick and constantly seeks validation for said e-stated member, mean mugs the camera to look more aggro/dom. Thinks he's some caveman relic when he's just a lower class horsefaced goofball.

Adonis: permasquinter, jawclencher, bobbleheaded south asian, king of munchkinland, frauds as a slayer for supposedly fucking some faceless dirty poverty ass.

Sephon: Professional Morpher tm, claims to be smart but acts like a chin drooler 24/7, lanky low-t noodle, childish mess, lying bastard who morphs his own pictures to rile up losers on the net.

thereturnofabulldog: thinks FWHR is life, thinks he's some hypermasculine beast of a man because his FWHR is slightly above average due to his stunted face, in reality is a little pretty boy with a tiny nose and full lips. One of the biggest mean-mugging perma-squinters in existence.