Link about 5 year olds go for looks first


Aug 29, 2015
There was study done like back in 1991 and it comfirmed at age 5 is when children start to base who they pick as friends based on physical attractiveness. Rarely did social status matter, because the good looking kids 9 out 10 times had high social status because everyone wanted to be their friends.This doesn't happen at age 4 or under thou. It said at age 5 children began to lose more of their toddler and baby features and stand out more, compared to 2-4 year olds who look more similar in body and face.

I told my brother its the same thing on campus people of similar looks levels always hangout with each other.If your a 7/10 majority of your friends will be 6.5/10s - 7.5/10s. You will see all the fat people have other fat friends.I told my brother since ive been looks maxing the past 2 years the level of attaractiveness in  people who say hi to me and interact with me on campus has gone higher.Before mostly the 5/10s - 5.5/10s would say hi, now its more like 6/10s to 7/10s. I told him its not a coincidence as i have gotten more physically attractive iam attracting people of higher level of attractiveness to interact with me. 

I was talking a class-mate who is 30 but looks like he is 23, for 30 minutes on campus than took a train ride with him for about 25 minutes.This guy was a 6/10 but i could see how this guy was happy to see me whats up man etc. Gave me the hook up about some hiring at a local hospital with good pay and part-time. I could see how people looked at us as being higher value then average, even a 6/10 will standout if majority of people are 5/10s.


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Aug 6, 2015
Its not always true I now an 8/10 white female that has sub 4 friends.