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Life of a Slayer and Life of an Incel


Jul 11, 2015

Wake up
Puts on basic sweatpants, t shirt, and Jordans/etc
Check phone and finds new text messages and a lot of new Tinder matches
Showers, heads to school
Is the life of the party at school and talks to everyone, makes people laugh, and has all the girls around him
Takes multiple pictures with people for Instagram/Twitter
Goes to sports practice
Does very good and has a good time bonding with fellow manly men
Comes home, begins sexting 2-4 girls 
Sets up shags with 1-2 of them and plans it out for the next coming days
Goes to bed, wakes up and repeats

When college is over, he gets a nice job, lands a virgin wife, and lives a happy life doing typical bro activities. Dies with 2-3 kids and a great legacy built behind him. Thousands go to his funeral. 

Incel/Subhuman "Typical ugly guy"
Wakes up
Puts on nasty clothes
Rolls out of bed and checks phone, no messages or calls
Mom fixes him a breakfast
Browses various internet forums
Plays games the rest of the day
Takes naps periodically
Faps 2-3 times
Goes to bed

The incel may or may not go to college, it is depending on his social situation and mental well being. He will workslave for many years and hate every minute of it, that is if he comes out of his basement. Many live with parents until they die and are ridicously overweight. Most incels will die from heart problems due to extreme obesity or neglect of personal health. When the incel dies, no one really cares besides his immediate family. He is cremated due to the cheaper cost, within weeks he is forgotten. All because he was ugly.