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LCMSC theory

Feb 18, 2016
We have all these conflicting theories about how to get girls.

NT theory
Looks theory
PUA theory
LMS theory

In reality all these theories are correct to a certain degree but non of them are complete theories within themselves.

LCMSC stands for:






They are each listed by importance, so looks is the most important factor.
As without any remote sexual attraction, you will never be able to slay.

Next is Charisma. often refered to as NT theory. Chads are plentiful, so if you have no personality at all, a looksmatched girl will simply find someone better. 

Money works to get long term ralationships with gold diggers (aka all women)  who plan on nesting. sure they have probably fucked a hundred chads, but when the odds are in your favour, it is possible to pump and dump. An example of this theory is Bernie Ecclestone. I am sure you can think of many more though

Next is status, this often goes hand in hand with money, but can occur in isolation. Take the DJ or doorman of a club who have status but without the money. I know DJs who went from incel to slayer just from getting the job.  Status will help an incel get laid or turn an average individual into a slayer. Take for example Deryck Whibley (lead singer of sum41) or incel turned youtuber turned JB slayer turned sex offender ALex Day who had a pretty hot girlfriend.

Finally we have confidence, as in the confidence to talk to girls and ask them out on dates. this isn't as important as the others as if you have loaded with one of the previous charcteristics dtf girls will approach you.

Other theories such as pua theory focus on charisma and confidence. NT solely on charisma, and looks theory soley on looks. I believe that becoming a 10/10 male is immpossible, as is becoming a billionaire, but maxxing each of these as best you can could turn an incel into a normie, or a normie into a slayer.