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Looksmax Last Resort For Chadlets - CyborgMaxxing?


Aug 12, 2021
I'm a decent looking (Robust face, bad skin), wide shouldered(Wider than my 6'3 uncle), ACTUAL 8 inch dicked, 18 year old 5'7 chadlet.

IRL, I always pull JB girls who are 7/10, 6.5/10 on bad days (Once they see my dick, they become actual sextoys for me). online i can get 8/10,9/10 good looking blue eyed cuties, but they always see my dick and shoulders, and they say the same shit - "You're so big, i'd look so small next to you. How tall are you?" JFL. I have to say 5'7, or lie and say 5'10 if i plan to wear lifts. Reaction is the same either way - Disappointment. I'm tired of bbc game, i want to be the tall romantic boyfriend type, not the ethnic manlet bull, cucking a 4 inch redditor.

I have a plan to heightfraud, and become 6'3 by amputating my legs and replacing them with bionics.
I can do this by dipping my legs below the knees inside of a very cold bucket; filled with ice and water, and stay there for 1 hour, watching the hypothermia slowly kill my "man"let legs
I'll call the ambulance, doctors will have to amputate me, and i'll have bionics in 3/4 months, easily be any height i want. Better and cheaper than shitty LL with max 3 inches in 9 months, JFL.

It's time to transcend flesh, Samurai Manlets. Cyborgmaxxing, it's 2021. Why aren't all men under 6'2 doing this? Low testosterone?

I have a dickpic in the same shirt i'm wearing, for proof.


Mar 14, 2021
I’ve had this thought before. Extending the leg below the knee with no increase above throws off biomechanics if you go over a few inches beyond “stock”. The only benefit over tibial lengthening is cost. I agree the field of prosthetics is getting close to cyberpunk shit, but we ain’t there yet and living with those nub legs is gonna suck