Story Just took my two dogs for a walk this morning


Dec 30, 2019
Just took my two dogs for a walk this morning way down from the hill without a leash walking way down the hill feels very relaxing the sun shining so bright trees are everywhere the birds singing I'm really enjoying nature
after walking for 30 minutes one of my dogs ran into the bushes which is normal I thought she's peeing or taking a shit so I wait about 10 seconds and after 10 seconds I start to call her repeatedly she's not coming back so I walk into the bushes and to my Utter disbelief I found her eating shit I just can't believe what I saw the shit is yellowish and liquid form could be a human shit or dog shit jfl after seeing that I start dragging the collar of my dog out of the bushes once I've done that I thought it was over we could go home
and to my Utter disbelief again my other dog not following me standing there in the bushes eating shit I start shouting at my dog like a mad man two of my dogs are scared they submissively started following me and we go home while enjoying nature
once me and my dogs reached my house
i told my maid to brush the teeth of my dogs
moral of the story is that dogs are like women they should be kept on tight leash