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Just lol if u don't have fantasies of torturing people

Jul 18, 2015
mrz said:
I fantasize about raping resisting (trying to escape / begging / crying / fighting me off / trying to keep their legs closed, but with complete futility due to my massively disproportionate strength...maybe screaming some but I don't really like much of this and sometimes use gags so they can't scream [particularly if the story I go with requires stealth], sometimes also use binds to partially immobilize to focus on one part of them, but never complete immobilization because I like feeling their physical resistance and overpowering it myself) females, and generally doing shit like spanking them until they try to escape from me (while I hold them in place against their struggling / crying / begging to stop) or cover their ass (at which point I force their hand off it while they keep trying to force it back on it), and also blackmailing them into being my stripper slaves (while they cry and beg me not to, only to eventually very reluctantly comply), and generally treating them like sex slave whores (my property) [often dressing them up like ultra whores, mocking them for being whores, whistling at them and commenting on how sexy they are in inappropriate ways (I guess in this context no way is appropriate!) etc] that exist for me to maliciously toy with (I typically think of them as/call them my fuck meat, or simply cunts/mouths/assholes, or simply sex) for my amusement (I think it's funny how they freak out / break down / look miserable at their abuse, and how I don't care at all about it and how absolutely futile their resistance/misery is...sometimes also their relatives are upset by it as well) and sexual pleasure. It's great fun, I love it. Often I spread their mouths apart with my hands roughly, or put their ass up and spread their pussy apart with my hands like I'm a holding a fish or something I caught or like a deer or something, kind of a trophy pose.

Besides for rape / spanking / slapping around / maybe clothespins on nipples / (sometimes) branding their asses with a small brand, and general psychological abuse, I'm not really into torture though. Like, bruising their asses up (maybe burning their asses with small brand, I only fantasize about this sometimes though, to mark them as my whores like cattle) and causing severe psychological/emotional damage sure, but nothing that would put them at actual risk of death or serious physical injury. Not that I think it matters (like, I'm not saying it's not fucked up because I don't kill them or cause serious physical injury, it's still quite fucked up lol) in either case due to the fact that it's just fantasy (ie: even if I did kill them I wouldn't care because it isn't something I'm actually doing) and I don't actually do anything at all like that IRL, but just that is pretty much what I fantasize about lol.

Often I'm soldier in war (sometimes another soldier teams up with me to fuck a girl, though in other cases I'm acting alone isolated from the others at this point, and sometimes a full unit of soldiers gang rapes a bunch of girls and does shit together) and just took their city over (recently I added castrating the civilian males after theorizing I would enjoy it due to it being evolutionarily advantageous...I was right ^_^), or am dictator and can do whatever I want to whoever I want, or I'm very rich and buy a sex slave whore from a trafficker, though other times I'm just regular rapist and go hunting in various environments...usually try a variety of time settings, place settings, etc, as well, kind of mix up some of the more story oriented (as opposed to sex oriented) variables :p.

Typically I actually like to imagine that I look at my worst and they are absolutely disgusted with my appearance, which is of course completely irrelevant to my ability to fuck them (though sometimes I wear mask depending on particular story I'm going with), but gives me amusement at the fact that they are disgusted by me. I usually do try to end with them being impregnated too, in the past I would think omg forensic traces can't do that, but now I'm like meh that doesn't matter it's just a fantasy lol (plus now I'm not almost always just a random rapist, but am dictator, or soldier, etc, so it doesn't matter anyway).

Also much degrading sex acts, puking on dick, licking asshole, rubbing face in puke/cum on floor like dog nose in shit (I don't do this to dogs lol), spitting on, maybe pissing on, roughly fucking in general, cumming on face, pretty much anything that increases their feeling of disgust or feels good to me + fits the story.

Whew... This guy has a strong imagination.  Would team up with.  Gotta end Kali Yuga the right way.  Behold the glory.