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Just had the craziest dream last night


Jun 30, 2015
I was seated inside a room full of other young guys, then the person at the front of the room announced that we were about to begin the "sperm donation drive". The way it works is this: A group of young females would come in and go around the room and select guys they wanted sperm from, and the guys would give them a cup filled with their semen.

I was terrified. I kept thinking "What if after all the girls go around the room, not a single one of them wants sperm from me?". I didn't want to participate in the event because I didn't think I could handle the crushing pain that would result if not a single girl wanted sperm from me. But then shortly afterwards, I felt a sense of optimism: I thought "Maybe this is a blessing in disguise. I have gone my entire life without ever approaching a female, for fear that I would be rejected. Now that females are the ones doing the approaching, maybe I will find that I will get a lot more female attention than I would have expected. Maybe I will be pleasantly surprised with the amount of female attention I get." 

Then the girls started coming in. There were lots of really cute young girls, and some fat and disabled ones as well. They started going around the room to see which guys they wanted sperm from. I remember seeing them approach my general direction, and I was expecting them to at least give me good look, but they all just whizzed by me. At the end of it all, not a single girl asked me for my sperm.

After the event was over, they started giving out prizes for the guys that donated the most sperm. They had thrones for the 1st-7th place winners to sit on in the front of the room. The thrones were filled with various good looking guys I have known throughout my life, but the throne for 2nd place was empty. I looked off to the side and saw this guy from my high school who was really nerdy and smart, and whose hobby was computer programming, but who was also someone I considered to be good looking. He was scribbling or doodling something onto a paper. I thought "Wow, this guy did not win any of the prizes, despite being good looking. Maybe girls could somehow sense he is a nerd, and that made them repulsed by him. Maybe I just need to stop being such a nerd and girls will start being attracted to me." I thought after he finished scribbling I would go up to him and we could comfort each other about how shitty we did. But then he finished scribbling and started walking to the front of the room and sat in his 2nd place throne. I couldn't believe he won 2nd place, and it crushed me to know that this fellow nerd got so much female attention. The announcer said that 35 girls asked for his sperm.


Jul 31, 2015
incels have wet dreams about masturbating (not actual sex)

they're not even allowed sex in their dreams