just flipped my bed up gonna ascend end it boyos


King of Chads
Dec 1, 2016
i just flipped it up so i can sleep on the floor
no cream soda before bed
you cant eat fruit rolls with retainer in
girls look at me cuz im sprung
light up shoes are still cool lol if yours dont light went you walk or have wheels on them
my mom makes the best hot pocket
say a prayer each night to gandy about my oneits
er is my hero because he is ethnik
cheese sticks are slayer but get stuck in braces
my bed time is 9 but sometimes i untuck myself when mom goes upstairs
its cool in the basement sometimes i jerk off to my stepdad pounding my mom
i know if i go up after he finishes we can talk about girls
i have lots of magic card decks im running a white and blue deck
im really a big deal in the minecraft world
i listen to drums and bass because it makes me feel alive
im not allowed at gamestop because i threw a fit and broke a display
my inhaler is running low so i will get mogged at doctors office by oldcels