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It's not too late for us, is it? If your answer is fuck no then Gtfih fellow souls

Jul 4, 2015
Most of you guys are just in it for lulz, not trying to stimulate actual conversations, just mindlessly raging, pissing on and off others. If that's what you wanna do, then go right ahead and keep at it, but I'm tasking each and every one of you who has a conscience (and my apologies for making it seem like I'm a leader when I'm clearly the lowliest of the low around here, but this is an idea I can't shake from my head and I don't know how else to frame it) to be part of a movement towards less in the way of such shitty-shit-shitpostery around here, and maybe more. After all, this site doesn't have hate in the name, so for the first time in years we can use it to live up to a cause more worthy than the denigration of those who shit on their own names without our help, just by existing, eg. Sluts, puas, and other garden variety pests. This is an opportunity, a call to arms for the common man, stop me if I'm getting melodramatic but unless we're all simply too far gone to give a fuck, even about our own lives in this world of ours, the flaws of which only are matched by those of our shitty-mcshit-shit faces, then fine; fuck it... We may not be up to the challenge, and to be honest I don't have much hope right now, for this or for my own life, but I don't know, we might not be as fucked as we think, and society might even give one or two shits if we were to get off our asses and give standing up a fair shake. Isn't that a chance worth taking, to actually improve our shitty lives for once, by way of respectable discourse on the topic of lookism, for example? Or will we just descend upon each other like so many crabs in a barrel, such as has been the case forever and ever throughout all of recorded history. Yeah, fuck it, I know I'm coming off as more than a little pretentious with how I'm wording my shit here, and yes I'll probably get roundly laughed at for entertaining the idea that people could be roused for such an outwardly laughable cause, but it's worth a shot, 'cause Gandy as my witness you people are worth fighting for, even if none of us actually believe it. We have to be worth something, don't we? Either that or the real redpill is we just don't believe in ourselves enough to try, and that's a pill I wouldn't even swallow with a hefty dose of railed diazepam beforehand and some jäger to wash it down. If I've failed then I'm just another shitposter, marginally more pathetic than the run of the mill perhaps, because I was stupid enough that for a second I had the slimmest of hope for people who hate themselves to surprise me by standing up for themselves and showing genuine goodwill... but if we can make this site more than just sluthate 2.0, a place where people don't just go to for a cheap laugh at the disfigured but for a legit reason that gives meaningful direction to their simmering rage, and I think most among us can agree that lookism is as legit a problem as any other currently trending socjus issue, then maybe together we'll have accomplished something greater than ourselves when this is all over with, as dumb and contrived as it may sound coming from someone with an anime porn avi. I believe in you, let's fucking teach this world a lesson, one that ER failed so utterly to articulate when he gunned down those innocents. Okay, the kid was insane, but we aren't, so let's have our voices be heard for once! What are you afraid of? We're already mockeries of men in the eyes of our fellows, let's not die in vain like the aforementioned incel pariah, nor live in the self imposed yet still soul-crushingly shitty depressed mindset of Kentcel, for in the words of lost brother Kent, our time is now! 

I'm being serious... If you wanna laugh then laugh, but I'm just saying what I'm sure a lot of us have thought about at one point or another. Not advocating an incel revolution exactly, nothing that droll-sounding, just that we insert the topics we discuss here into the collective consciousness for once. Who's with me?