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Black Pill It's a DETRIMENT to have a social life, job, etc. when you're below a certain looks threshold


Apr 28, 2018
Think about it -- we ALL here like to pretend/make believe that it's social skills that separates incels from pussy or just even a half-decent life overall -- yet this is never an issue when socially retarded women still fuck socially retarded Chads.

The truth of the matter is that people often pick the things best for themselves -- so if you are anti-social it's because this serves you better than trying to force socialization given your condition. After all, if I benefited heavily from going out and having these hypothetical friends, women, sex, job, etc. then why the fuck would I rot all day and do nothing?

I don't believe there is any benefit to "muh social circle" unless you're already passed the looks threshold to not be 100% invisible to women. Same with jobs -- why fucking work all day and be around people when you're a repulsive, invisible man? You take up space and ruin any semblance of goodness around others, making the experience dull for yourself. Don't you think most of us have some self awareness to know our very existence is a downer?

If a man feels he can't fit in and be himself (and thus get women) then it makes sense to say, "Fuck this shit," and back out, living however possible without forcing himself in a place he will lose in. What do you gain from being somewhere you know you don't truly "fit" in? And trying to "force fit in" HARMS you.

Men usually only want 2 things to be a part of society and contribute -- genuine female sexual interest, and some mild form of respect as a human being from people in general. Unfortunately in today's climate both of those things are a pipe dream for 90% of males and/or 90% of circumstances, especially if your co-workers are fertile, young women.

I can understand some rotters who hide away and are attractive enough doing themselves a disservice, but most men know what's best for them and act accordingly given their situation of their own lives. So if they retreat from the world it's because that's the best option given their impression of being a part of it.

Why do most men retreat from society?

Because they can't get genuine female interest
-- that's it. The reason why more and more guys aren't working/going up the "social ladder"/etc. is because there's no point. Why fight your way to the top to remain empty-handed? The ROI is poor and most men are beginning to realize it -- especially when low-class, low-tier Chads can swim in more pussy and life validation than CEO wannabe copers even dream of.

Men ask for the least, and most still end up having their needs not being met. It's not wonder more women are getting more education, jobs, etc. I'm honestly surprised so many men still work since incels make up at least two thirds of males now, more or less, given how dating doesn't/never really existed (it's called prostitution) and legit "boyfriend/girlfriend" things are becoming more and more scarce unless the guy is good looking enough.

I can't imagine the pathetic scenario of an incel going to work 3-4 days a week, hours on end around fertile women know he knows find him repulsive, having to keep his urges to himself and basically castrate himself to not intrude or affect the social balance in any way (i.e. can't be "masculine" if incel because then they're creepy -- but either way no pussy so no benefit). You are only likely hurting yourself more by forcing socialization/normie-life/etc. if you're below a PSL 5 minimum.

No sex, shittier treatment by "friends" and failo/horn effect because your looks drag you/others down rather than benefit you/halo you through life overall.
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Apr 14, 2021
R u having a spergout? What’s with all the walls of text threads
Jul 6, 2015
Yeah good post. "Soial anxiety" is perfectly logical to being socially low value. It's not a mental disorder, in fact you would probably end up arrested if you WERE confident as a low value, ugly man.