is the deep web legit for scoring drugs?


Dec 28, 2015
mrz said:
I've gotten tons of drugs from secure drug forums / markets without problems, including LSD from Western Europe, ketamine from India, etc. Weed is more risky because it smells and dogs are frequently trained to smell it (it's also bulky), but it still isn't that bad. Try to get it from a domestic vendor, preferably one not in a state with legal recreational use if possible, and just get it from a vendor with good reviews and history of successful shipping, he should be using vacuum sealed bags or moisture barrier bags to prevent scent leaks anyway.

But yeah I know of a few people who have been pwnt for Internet drugs, but I know people who have gotten hundred+ packs probably hundreds of packs really without a single interception, including everything from heroin to MDMA etc, so it is pretty legit. Most of the people pwnt were decent sized traffickers, only a couple for personal use amounts.
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