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Is Some Homophobia / Biphobia Self-phobia?


Jul 5, 2015
This psychological study was done at Rochester University, where thematic appreception tests (described in linked video) were ran in order to see homophobic men associated themselves with with homosexuality and were using homophobic responses to those who identified as homosexual as an exercise in reaction formation (psychoanalytic theory in which emotions and impulses which are anxiety-producing or percieved to be unacceptable are mastered by exaggeration of the directly opposing tendency).

The test did show significant indications that homophobic men did, in fact, tend to associate their own identity with homosexuality. The researcher theorizes that individuals who come from a more authoritative environment that sees anything other than heterosexuality as undesirable, and instill in these people that they are only "good and worthy people if they are" hetero. He says that this kind of mentality creates a lot of "conflict" in these individuals as they are growing through their early developmental period, and may cause them to be divided amount their hetero- and homo- sexual attractions.

As a psychological response, those who may harbor some same sex attractions might respond by being hateful to those who they see as homosexual. The conclusion being, that one bolsters their hetero own inclinations while rejecting, and attacking anything that deviates from this hetero molding themselves and as well as others. As the researcher points out, this mentality speaks to the phenomenon of public figures who rail against alternative sexuality being caught up in sex scandals that include two parties of the same sex such as Ted Haggard, and Frazier Glenn Miller.

I find it interesting that the researcher acknowledge that these individuals may be reacting to their conflict between their same sex attraction and their hetero attraction. I feel that this alludes to these individual being bisexual to a some degree though, unfortunately, he did not mention the actual word. But I think that this whole concept lends itself to my theory that our culture's sexist and authoritarian views towards sexuality lead many men to become mal-adaptive bisexuals, who are constantly playing down their same sex attractions, while being actively hateful towards bisexuality and homosexuality.

Also, I like to think that the widespread conception that you are born straight or gay, and there is no in-between feeds this kind social response in bisexual men. This idea has been of benefit to the gay community in the effort to gain acceptance in our culture. Those who don't approve of anything other than heterosexuality could, potentially, be moved by this argument and "can't blame them for being born that way". There arises a conception that straight and gay are mutually exclusive. However, I think that this has a negative impact on bisexuals as a result. In my opinion, many (not everybody) in the LGT community dismisses bisexuality because it undercuts the argument of "choice" (I don't think being bisexual is any more of a choice than being straight or gay), which also feeds the anti-gay sentiment that homosexuality is a life choice and thus immoral and unnatural. Thus, bisexuals are caught in the middle without much education with little in the way of comfortable discussion on the matter, a male population that is wholly reluctant to identify themselves, and a lack educational resources to aid in self realization and expression. Left to figure things out on their own without any support from either the straight or gay community.

I read an unrelated study that showed that Latino immigrants who arrive in the United States that only express an affiliation with their native culture, tend to experience more mental health problems, such as depression, anxiety, and suicide attempts. Immigrants who embraced both their native and their host cultures showed significantly lower numbers of these same mental health problems. I think that this insight could serve a symbolic lesson for mal-adjusted bisexuals. If more people could understand accept themselves and others in their dynamic natures, it would lend itself to better mental well-being in the future. I just think that more people have to talk about it more openly and show others that they are not alone in order to correct for the self hatred that causes this rift in male bisexuality.

I don't know if anyone has anything to add to this thread. I was just talking out loud. If you have anything to add, please do. Check out the study video linked below.