insightful autism pill from SH


Oct 6, 2015
Normies never suffer, or if they do it's over stupid pedantic stuff (oh no my bf broke up with me, my mom doesn't agree with my career path)
Turbospergs are so retarded that they aren't able to rationalize their suffering and simply exist without knowing either pain or happiness.
Us who sit between the border of the two, we are the ones who experience true suffering. We are able to imagine what life would be like if we weren't cursed with this terrible affliction, but we will never be able to experience it. We belong neither at the house parties ran by Chads full of alcohol and young prime pussy, nor do we belong at the brony and furry anime conventions ran by the sperglords. We only belong in these niche little circles like sluthate and r9k. This is the only place we are able to call a home.