INCELS = Cruel and Stupid Society


Lookism God
Oct 28, 2015
We incels here really did not need to suffer so much in our lives.
Growing up we should have been told that we were unattractive to women and
reasonably priced prostitution should have been available to us at 13/14 years old. 
Whilst the Chads wud have been told they didnt need it, and to fuck the civilian women.

Instead we were laughed at, mocked, picked on, rejected countless times for being
unattractive which destroyed all of our self esteem, self confidence, self image and made us suicidal and 
desperate. The PUA's took advantage of this vulnerability and caused many men to suffer 
EVEN more and loose a lot of money. 

Was all the suffering we went through even necessary? NO. All cud have been avoided if smart and caring people 
was running this currently sadistic, greedy and unfair system. We were all brutally destroyed emotionally and 
psychologically by the world around us and even shamed our natural biological sex drives and for wanting a basic
need which was taken away from us. And they say we shud Man Up and still support this system??