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Jul 4, 2015
So let me start by saying that terrorism isn't inherently bad. It's basically using fear tactics against rule. It's annoying that muslims are given so much freedom and use it to try and make the west just as shitty as their homeland, but I digress.

Elliot Rodger, George Sodini, Andreas Lubitz and many more have died as terrorists. They are martyrs for inceldom, no matter what you think of them that is the truth. I don't approve of this but lets talk about the real effect this is having.

This new unidentified Louisiana shooter could mark a turning point. We may see public fear of incels on the same level as islams.

If so will we may finally gain some ground, perhaps legal prostitution (maybe even free for incels deemed a threat to the nation), perhaps sluts will start fucking the incel at the office for safety.

Or maybe we'll be persecuted. Maybe they'll tread on us even harder and treat virginity as a mental illness.

What do you think?