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incel committed suicide by cop

dat feel

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Jul 9, 2015

'He just sat there, waiting to be shot': Los Angeles police kill gunman on crowded shopping street after he randomly fired shots into the air
  • Cops responded to call of armed man on Ventura Boulevard in Studio City
  • Man, described as being in his 20s with thick beard and mustache, had fired at least seven shots in air before putting gun in paper bag and waiting
  • Witness said he didn't seem dangerous other than fact obviously had gun

She described him as being in his 20s with a thick beard and mustache and said he appeared to be dressed for winter with a leather jacket on in the warm California weather.
'He wasn't making a fuss, wasn't shouting, didn't seem angry... didn't seem to have a game plan, wasn't running away,' Burstein said. 
'He just sat there, waiting to be shot.'

is this someone from incelcon?

looks like someone who just wanted to go to gandy heaven