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im going to be honest. you guys ruined me.

Jul 16, 2016
when i came here because jtr of casanovacrew recommended sh to me and thus led to here, it was as if he put me in a mental hospital with a bunch of lunatics

i consider sh and lookism as one

casanovacrew didnt want me

they thought of me as a loser

on sh i expressed my woes about my ex gf cheating on me and you guys ridiculed me saying how does such a subhuman even have a girlfriend

and since then ive been exposed to the autism and narrow minded negativity of the subhumans of humanity

and now im plagued by your negativity

notice i no longer sarge due to feelings of inferiority

there is no positive optimism i felt when i started sarging

reality is that the red pill is very similar to how the world perceives the world

my parents are autistic

and im the product of both parents that have autism

i got away from this crab basket thanks to positivity but i cant leave this negativity now that im stuck without a woman that wants to LTR with me

i feel your autism, mental illness and negativity is the reaso why i am who i am today

my mindset is warlike
i used to be a man of peace and without stress

now im constantly wishing for violence as retribution for the humanity that disrespected me