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I'm convinced that I will definitely reach old age and will be trolled until then


Jul 15, 2015
My life is so shit that there is no way I'll die before 70. Why?

Little children who love life die.
Noncel extrovert men who are engaged and are around their primes die.
Young normalfags die.

Depressed subhumans who want to die seem to live til old age. I am convinced that the whole world is one big troll job, designed specifically to poke fun at me. When I die, the universe will implode because the sole reason for its existence is to troll me. I am the physics holding this thing together. Mark my words, if I go, so does this whole universe.

This isn't to say that anvils can't fall on my head and shit. I can be hurt. I just won't die. I'm here to be trolled. You are here to be spectators in my being trolled.

I wonder how many HDTVs around the world are filming me right now. I'd better jut my jaw out, just in case.