I'll see you guys in Hell


Jul 3, 2015
Well, I've accepted my defeat. I will always be a mediocre above looking average guy, I have accepted that I'll likely never wife my looksmatch (not in the West anyway)  because of the state of the sexual market. A slayer? Fucking forget it lol. My only hope for the near future is a radical right wing political shift that brings things back to sanity, I doubt it though. 

Either way shits going to go down in the West sooner than later, mass immigration of hostile cultures and incompatible ethnic groups, low birth rates of the people who are needed to maintain the economy and defense of these countries,  large aging population of western people (25+% in some countries) who are set to die within 10-15 years, leftist delusion in academia and pacifism among millennials. 

Of all the times to be born, it had to be now. Proof that God hates us. I'm thinking about buying some land in Alaska and building a large cabin so I never have to see another urbanite faggot, leftist, or entitled westernized bitch ever again

 I'd like to thank you guys for helping me swallow the hardest pill there is to swallow. Time to move on and salvage whatever I can out of this life.

At least we have the collapse to look forward to.