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If you're dead already


Always Mewing
Jul 19, 2015
Then why don't you recite dharanis? You don't have anything to do anyways, so you can use this life to create a merit from reciting dharanis and destroy your evil karma too.
http://www.fodian.net/world/967.html (read it with legs crossed, like in meditative position)

"Lord of Heaven, if anyone can sincerely read or recite this Dharani even for a short period of time, all his karmic retribution which would lead him to suffer in the hells, the animal realm, the realm of King Yama and the hungry ghost realm, will be completely destroyed and eradicated without leaving any trace. He will be free to go to any of the Buddhas' Pure lands and heavenly palace; all gateways leading to the Bodhisattvas' abode are open to him unobstructed." 

Most of the worlds population believes in reincarnation. You believe in something else, but if so many people believe in it, then why risking shitty rebirth? You can recite mantras and have a better next life.