If you use product on your hair you have to scrub or brush your scalp regularly


Oct 25, 2018
I use a medium firm paste in my hair on a daily basis and tbh I never really thought about it building up on my scalp. I've been washing my hair less over the last few months because I got worried that I was washing it too often.

Over the summer I've been shedding like crazy. Like when I run my hand through my hair over the top and down the back, I can feel multiple hairs dropping onto my neck, and there have been way more hairs in the drain after showering. I put it down to: you shed more in summer (fact), and also the stress of the pandemic (loss of earnings, uncertainty, less social contact etc) and I read an article about how loads of people have been shedding way more hair than usual recently.

I had noticed some flakiness at the hairline where it's thinner, and I just figured that maybe I had some dandruff from a dry scalp or whatever. And then I picked at it with my nail and realized it was actually a build up of the fucking paste I have in my hair. Presumably it's all over my scalp like this. This shit is probably responsible for my hair falling out faster, and also the itching I had experienced. So I decided to keep my scalp clean. Here's what I did:

1) I use a clarifying shampoo that removes impurities and toxins. I found a charcoal based shampoo with no shit in it that does the trick.
2) I bought a scalp scrubber from Amazon, it's a little handheld thing with silicone prongs which you use to work the shampoo into your hair and scalp. It drags and pulls at dry hair but when your hair is wet and soapy it feels great. Like when the hair washing girl in the salon massages your scalp. It gets the shampoo or conditioner right into the roots and also scrubs all the shit from your scalp
3) On the days when I don't wash my hair (I don't want to wash it every day obviously), I give it a good brush twice a day. I never brushed my hair but that was probably half the problem. If you brush with a good boar hair brush (the only kind of brush to use tbh), not only does it loosen the dried up crud from the product that sticks to your scalp, but it also distributes the oil from your follicles all the way up the hair shaft and conditions/thickens it. Your hair looks thicker and cleaner when you brush it regularly. You definitely need a boar hair brush for this oil distribution.
4) I'm also being more careful when I put product in my hair. I do my best not to touch the scalp and just have my fingers only touch the hair.

It's definitely made a difference. My hair has stopped shedding so much and I see far less in the drain when I wash it now. The itching has stopped and my hair looks thicker and healthier.