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If you didn't start dating in 2005 you have no idea how bad it is today

Dec 5, 2015
The dating market is 100x more skewed in favour of women these days :rage: :rage: :rage: 

I remember I used to message girls on MySpace or Facebook back in 2006 and most of them would respond. We would have conversations about music or something we had in common. I even dated multiple women I either met on social media or stalked and messaged them on social media after seeing them about.

These days, 9 times out of 10, if I try to contact a girl on Facebook she will either ignore or straight out block me.


The average woman in 2016 is used to rejecting 100 men in 5 minutes via Tinder

Women see a guys face come up and they reject him on the spot. This behaviour translates to real life. Whenever a guy hits on them at uni, on Facebook, she has insane standards for him.

The average male in 2016 has the value of a turd on the side of the road