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ideal height for getting Jbs?


Jul 28, 2018
I always thought being very tall was good but then I came across something interesting. Talked to one jb and she said she doesn't like guys over 6'2. she said it's uncomfortable and she wants a guy to be same as her or taller then her but no way taller. She said it can be weird being in public with a super tall guy since people will think he is much older since she is jb and that can be a disaster as well she said they can't do fun "love" things. Basically she was saying she wants to have young love with someone that is similar to her. Being huge is an advantage with some girls 18+ or early 20s+. I think some Jbs want to experience young love with a guy similar to them or a bit taller.

So what is the ideal height for a guy to be to get jbs?


PSL Hall of Fame
Nov 9, 2018

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