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I went to a haunted ghost house recently

Sep 5, 2015
I've been going to a haunted ghost house recently.

Basically it's a massive building where white English men used to party, socialise and live life together.
They would go to the pub, on a Friday, and not go home until Monday morning. Staying the whole weekend.
They had strippers in the pubs aswell.
But over time, with feminism, etc, women entering the work place, they gradually shut down all the pubs.
It was no longer a male space.

They used to be banks there, and tons of businesses, etc.
Now it's all just empty rooms, snooker tables and seats covered in dust, everything is untouched and abandoned.

Anyways, I entered multiple offices and businesses there. Every office there was a dark windowless hell hole.
All the people there were subhuman and sub 4, depressed dirt rats. lol.
Working 6 or 7 days a week.

The women there look terrible.

At one point I walked into a particular office, where there were about 5 women.
one light skinned black woman, she looks mid or late 20s. She was a 4.5 or a 5.
one currycel, like 5"3 height, she looked like late 30s or 40s.
and one old looking white woman, maybe 40s, she was a 4.

They all gave me ioi's. Not bragging.

When I spoke with them they treated me like I was a chad or a male model.
I don't consider currycel women and black women as an option, I'm a standardcel, so they don't even show up on my radar.
And I'm not into old fat ugly white women either.

The light skinned black woman kept saying my name, and saying hi to me, when I don't even remember her name.
She also said, I remember you, I've seen you before.. etc. Are you part of the haunted ghost house gang?
And I was like, 'Fuck no.
And she was like, "oh...".

The currycel had a twinkle in her eye and was staring at me.
The old looking white woman was wearing a dress and kept trying to pull her skirt down, and also giving me ioi's.

There's one area of the haunted ghost house where there's a post office that's still up and running.
There's a currycel who works there. He literally NEVER has any customers. lol.
It's complete silence everywhere. They closed countless posts offices all over England, but that one's still open and its only customers are ghosts. Fucking joke.

When you walk around outside, you can smell people smoking mega strong powerful weaponized marijuana.
It's just fucking hilarious.
Quite a few times I saw both black men and black women, walking around alone, shamelessly publicly smoking a spliff.

Anyways, after seeing all that I was just like

running away from the haunted ghost house.

FUCK that place. I'm never going back there.


Feb 10, 2016
you should have broght your super soaker 2000 or your ghost blaster 2000