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I went to a club in LA for the first time and it was mostly Asians.



Hot asian girls, but there weren't that many white guys there and i'm about 5 10 barefoot but was wearing some pads in my shoes so i was more like 6ft and i felt talll srs. Was def in the top 20-33% of height. It's called Exchange. Caught lots of asian sluts checking me out but idk how to dance so i just stood there then eventually sat down and just watched. I was with some semi aspie semi normal friends and they danced but didnt get anythimg.

And i got a fuckload of attention whem i took my jacket off cuz i was wearing a tank top, but the dude made me put the jacket back on. I was the most jacked guy there. But it didnt matter since i dont know how to dance. If theres a setting like that where i can wear tank tops itd be way easier

dat feel

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Jul 9, 2015
dance theory is one of the few precious cheat codes in life

if you can dance well, nothing else matters in that moment. you can amog legit MMs and steal their girls, who will gladly follow you to the dancefloor

lol @ anyone who doesn't spend at least 6 hours a day dancemaxing