I think this


Sep 15, 2016
There are three type of people:

-Who is smart enough (<120/125 IQ) to understand that life identify with sofference. Because of this they'll try to live the life as aesthetich as possible because everything else is non-sense and vacuous.

-Who is not smart enough to understand how lifes really goes and try to cope the reality all the time thinking about the future and responsabilities (people who enjoy other things than riches). Usually this type of people will study to become something like an engineer or a vet or everything that do not involves actual terrain pleasure.

-Who I consider Animal. They are like the first gruop but they are connected to the pure pleasure in a more direct way, as they are so low IQ they don't even perceive the sadness of life, and this is what makes them actually better then all the other groups. They'll live life as aesthetic as possible and they'll enjoy only things that gives direct pleasure. like sex and drugs.
Take your own consideration