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I think im in love with a guy? (who might be in love with me)


Jul 5, 2015
Im a 20+ year old male who, as long as i can remember, only has had eyes for girls. However this might have changed but its like my mind cannot understand my own feelings so i do not know what to think about this anymore.

The situation is as follows. About a year ago, a bit less, i met a guy through a friend who i had a great deal in common with, we spent some time togeather and i quickly decided this was gonna be a good friend for years to come but that was all i thought. Then i moved to another city and we didnt see eachother for quite some time but when we spoke he tells me he misses me and that he wants to see me soon again and it made me realize i miss him too however i miss my other friends aswell so its nothing strange. Then i go home for a weekend and hang out with my friends including this guy and he tells me how he is in love with a guy (yes he is bisexual) but he wont tell me his name saying "noone can know his name, especially not *my name*" which is kinda strange since well why would it matter? And as he continues to explain about this guy i come to a chocking realization that it might just be me, because i dont know of anyone else that fits his description. As i realize this my heart starts racing like crazy but i quickly tell myself to calm down because this is very likely one of the best friends i will ever have so i dont want to jump to any conclusions that would make our relation weird.

And that was that for that time, i went back home and well here i am. And i cant help but wonder to myself why my heart started racing so much just because he might be in love with me, i mean people have said alot of things to me through my life but nothing a guy has ever said before has made my heart race like that. So i have started to consider that i might be in love with this guy but it makes me confused because im not attracted to him but i find myself thinking about him alot more then any other friends i have. But always in my life love has been accompanied by attraction and i have never been attracted to a guy, not even this one so i just dont know what my feelings are telling me. Ive been single for a long time, like years, and im very worried that whatever feeling it is i have for this guy is just because i have not had a girl in my life for such a long time.

I really need some outside input on this situation from someone who can understand because i dont want to bring it up with any of my friends since they all know him and me and before i know what i want i dont wanna involve anyone. So please, tell me something!