I love yelling at people from my window

Jan 26, 2016
I don't live on a main street but my street goes from the beach to the mall so at night there are always loud mouth drunk normies yelling/walking about.
I could hear this drunk american cuck going on about "this is what white people listen to to act tough!!!!!". He was with 2 girls. As he went past my apartment block I yelled out my window "OI!" in my most redneck/derelict accent and I heard him say "oh fuck" and then the chicks started "OI"ing back at me. Just goes to show that women think they can do anything in the 21st century with all this political correctness ? If I wasn't playing the part of a redneck but actually was one it could've ended terribly for those girls.

Anyways, yelling at loud cunts is funny as  fuck.