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I look Turkic,and I constantely get drooled over by asian women with white men


Jun 30, 2015
on the street.as you know when my eyelids are heavily swollen I look Uyghur or mestizo or something because I have almond shaped eyes,small nose and extremely highcheekbones.

everywhere on the street when a asian woman is carrying a pram with her white man she stops to stare at me and even turns her head.Today I went to my dagbesteding and this tiny asian lolita came out the car and just stopped in her tracks,i ignored her because I thought she was a kid and was adopted by older whites or something but she seemed to be a grown woman visiting here.i also have asian women staring and smiling at me when im in the centre where there are alot of asian american tourists and koreans.

this only really happens when I look Hapa though....strange not when my eyes are in their normal state
..white guys literally are dumbfounded because my physique is so well proportioned(wider than people double my height but still look taller than i am ,very short torso-lengthy leg ratio,somewhat long arms,broad shoudlers,v taper even though anyone can tell i dont work out because im still skinny)so they are thinking how they are gonna amog me or whatever,and in the end they just pull the asian girl away im not making this up

if im walking with another race girl they will get visibaly butthurt......

its also wierd because it sonly when I look asianish that turkish girls are very into me and go out of there way to let it know.


when and if i look MENA this all goes 180 degree turn,the smiles turn into scorn,the looks of lust turn into  cautiousness.

TLDR:Asian girls and girls in general like Hapas and asian guys the most..its just that most asian men are ugly..its better to be hapa than to be arabic or latino dont let anyone tell u different..i see it with my own eyes.

indonesian girls literally enter a snackbar if they see me in the window and just stare at me the whole time 

or stare at me at the store etc but also other asians

only when I look pretty and Hapa though


Jul 2, 2015

My my. What a stud.