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I know you on here Hunter


Jul 1, 2015
I dont know but I do work out. Hunter told me to come here so I know he will see my video.


Jun 29, 2015

Just fucking LOL at the kiwifarmers all butthurt because Kent's parents buy him all those games, hats, clothes, etc. As well as his car and iPhone. Saying that he should get a job and pay his own way. Looks like those kiwifags are butthurt because Kent's parents love him and their own parents threw them out of the house at 18. Hahahahaha. Kiwifarmers are just a bunch of bullies. Kiwifarmers can dish it out but they can't take it. They cry to Null when their enemies dox them (SJWs, autists and Manosphere guys). Fearing that they are going to get fired from their jobs if their boss finds out that they try to goad autistic people on the internet to kill themselves.

Look at Kent when he talks. He sounds borderline retarded. He's a step above JSanza. But he's still pretty low-functioning. How can you expect Kent to even get a job? It's cruel to expect him to support himself financially. He should get approved for autismbux by the government.

As a high-IQ autist, even I deserve autismbux. But Kent needs them even more than I do.

Btw I'm not making fun of you Kent. Maybe you do have some sort of casual job or maybe a part-time job that a family member of yours hooked you up with. But I have to admit, it's very difficult to believe that you have a 9-5 or any other full-time job. You mentioned getting rejected by a lot of companies you applied to. This lends support to the theory that you probably got your current job through a connection and you're probably being supported by your parents.

It's nothing to be ashamed of man. I am a legit high-IQ autist (University grad, post-grad education). And the only reason why I was even able to make $55k/yr at my last job (which was a 9-5 + OT) was because I had a connection. There is no fucking way I would have passed the interview otherwise. It's very difficult for an Aspie to get a job. Before my last employer, I was doing menial retail work. If I was legit low-IQ, I would have been totally fucked.