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I know what you want girl


Jul 5, 2015
I know you  don't want to be hit on right now cause you're dancing, I knkw you're on a girls night out, I know you don't find me attractive, I know my personality is obnoxious to you, I know you have a boyfriend, I know you don't like my style, I know you don't want to be hit on by guys all the time, I know you think I'm trash. I know we are best friends forever, I know your social circle is a safe place, I know  you want to also have nonesexual conversations with your guy friends. I know you just want to have fun.

But I don't give a shit. I WANT TO FUCK. And I gotta find out which bitch wants to fuck me tonight. So I just hit on you anyways, because you might be the one girl.

So fuck you bitch, I dont give a shit what you're thinking. I just dont care.

Wanna fuck?