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I hate metrosexuals

Jul 16, 2015
In my piece of shit second year college apartment block this year, my college put my with an indian HBO flatmate/roomamate. The idiot was constantly buying new clothes online, talking about pop culture, and pretending that girls give him IOI's.

The stupid little copecel thought that clothes could make him goodlooking, and every fucking second day an RA would knock on out apartment door with a new package for him. He had all of these $300-400 jackets and "gangsta" hats, that he spent hours trying on in front of the bathroom mirror. He almost had a breakdown because his new feather stufed jacked got a little hole in it from wear and tear.

He refused to wear his new shoes in the rain, and went hungry that night because he refused to go out and buy more food (it was raining). He looked fucking comical, dressing up in hunderds of dollars worth of designer clothing, but still being a 5'5" HBO manlet with a 4/10 face.

He thought girls were giving him IOI's all the time, and claimed that looks were nkt important (yet spent 1000's of dolalrs on clothes). He told me to watch "videos by a guy called tyler on youtube".

He also was a huge white knight, and claimed that "it is mens fault that women cheat, becasue they are not making her happy in the relationship". He also said he wants to marry an ex slut "becasue she has got the slutiness out of her system already". Natrually he was incel as fuck, and spent most of time in his room listening to trashy shit "music" by Taylor Swift and "Iggy Izalagea" or whater that cunt is called.

Jun 29, 2015
Pizzaface said:
Bro, nice shoes are legit. I swear to god I don't buy shoes to impress shitcunts, I do it for my own enjoyment. As incels we must find other ways somewhat "live life" (just LOL) and one of my hobbies (copebies) is collecting sneakers. So I kinda sympathize with the deludedcel in your story when he didn't want to wear his nice shoes out in the rain.

As for the IOI part, just LOL.

legit I got shoes I would NEVER wear out in the rain. i got other old pairs for rainy days though