I got mogged multiple times on New Year's (currently 10:15am Au time)

Dec 19, 2016
- Three of my friends were kissing their girlfriends on the 12:00am mark in front of the fireworks while I was drinking from a bottle of bourbon.
- A coconut Islander bouncer tried to deny me entry into a club. He claimed that my shorts were too "casual", but my friends had very similar shorts. Classic case of lookism, probably thought I was too fat. The nigger didn't realise that I knew the door lady though so I got in.
- A girl that I tried it on with in the club lost interest in me within ten minutes, probably realised how fat I was once we got into the light. Then some dude leaner and three inches taller than me started kissing her later. 
- A 6/10 PSL snickered at me when I started dancing with her, as if to say that I was delusional to even try interacting with her. 

Despite this lookism face slap, I had a good night overall. Alcohol and drugs can make the most redpilled nights enjoyable. 

Happy New Year to those of you in the behind part of the world.