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I feel like an old man

Aug 12, 2015
I'm 21 which is supposedly young, but I feel like an old man. Washed up, over the hill, etc. I look at pics of me at 16-17 and think I look worse now. I already see the first signs of nasolabial folds and my hair is losing it's youthful luster. I'll probably start receding soon. I look more and more like my dad when I look in the mirror each day. When I walk past prime high school JB I feel like I'm invisible and like an old creeper. 

Anyone know this feel? Supposedly the ancient Greeks thought 16-17yo was the prime for male beauty and that they were undesirable once they grew a beard. Granted those were the standards of gay men in Greece but sometimes I wonder if grown women feel similarly but don't admit it because of fear of ridicule for liking younger men. I mean prime 17yo Lachowski is pretty much unmatched.  Most guys over 30 look like shit, seriously. 30 is the age that I'm inching ever closer to, unfortunately.