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i almost drowned at the beach as a kid


Mar 23, 2016
i was out my dpeth and desperatelu jumping up for air and the adults werent watching.. i rrallu wish my friend wasnt thrre to save me.. so much fuking needless suffering couldve been a oided.
ive accepted my fate and my lofe is simply over. 
it is simply a matter of time.
things cud barrly grt any worse.
death is freeing my consciousness from this prison of paon and mental anguish.
all the experiences ive had all the knowledge ive gained all the bhllshit ive dealt with and everythinh may as well have never happemed ay the momemt i am destroyed.
whay a damn waste.
all these words are also meaningless theyll be lost to the void too.. a few autistic hermits may take note of them but so what.
we are all doomrd.
unfortunately the multiverse is likely future eternal so this same shit is bound to happen again.. but its still a good thing t die.
u cud say i shud end it asap so in all the future events my life is shorter if eternal re urrence is true but it will have hapenedd already anyway an 'infinite' nbr of tmes and determinism is playing itself out.. its just a matter of time.
also the fact that there are prova ly a lot of different possible historiea playing themselves out.. especially if a ceetaib impkication of quabtum theory is true. 

wish i fujinf drowned though