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How to tell my wife that i want her Bull to be her boyfriend


Jul 18, 2015
[font='Lucida Grande', 'Trebuchet MS', Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]I would appreciate both men and women's opinions on this topic. My wife and I have been talking about cuckolding for a long time. Isn't that how they all start out? Anyway, this past weekend, we took the leap and decided to try it. We met a guy online a few weeks back and started a conversation. I think I shocked my wife by telling them both that I wanted to be humiliated and put down. I wanted to hear how much she enjoyed his cock more than mine, how insignificant I am in bed, and when they mentioned about not using a condom and him cumming inside her, I readily agreed.  

This past Friday night, all three of us went and hung out and I did the best I could to give the appearance to other patrons that they were husband and wife, not she and I. Afte some drinks and some loosening up, we all went back to our house, where I stayed in the living room while they had sex in our bed. They must've been at it for over an hour. They kept the bedroom door open so I could listen. He came inside her.

When they were done, they came out into the living room and she was wearing his dress shirt he had worn that evening. I found this incredibly sexy. He was about to leave later on, but I talked him into staying and the two of them having the bed, while I slept on the couch. I went to sleep listening to them having sex, and even though I didn't look, I heard them having sex in the kitchen Saturday morning. 

Is this sort of thing unusual? The humiliation, I mean. I've never had a high self-esteem, so I don't know if that plays a part. My wife and I are in our late twenties and we have a little girl. Is it okay to tell my wife that I want her to take her Bull as her boyfriend? If so, how do I do that?[/font]