How to start wearing lifts?


Sep 20, 2016
You guys have convinced me. If everyone is wearing them i need to level out.

Barefoot evening height: 196cm or 6'5.5

My plan is to buy Nike roshes which will give me 1.5 inches?
Then put 1 inch lift in them.

Will this give me the appearance of a 6'7 male?

Where do you guys buy the lift and do i need to buy the shoes a size larger?


Nov 23, 2016
With a one inch lift you will not need a full size larger shoe. Maybe half a size, probably nothing. Also, when you get your lifts, if you get the kind that has a complete insole (instead of just a little doorstopper-like wedge thing) it will show you you can trim it. But don't trim it right away--see how your shoes fit with the slightly bigger insole, then only gradually trim it down bit by bit until it feels perfect. Remember if you are going to fraud your height it is a long-term thing, you want to be able to wear them all day. I have the kind with a complete insole and I suspect they are better than the wedge kind. I bought them off Amazon from some random sketchy Chinese retailer for like ten bucks. They came in a week and a half later and are surprisingly good. I got two inch lifts with an extra adjustable half-inch wedge that you can fit onto the bottom. I can wear my normal-sized boots uncomfortably for a while with the two inch lift, but can't even fit my feet in with the extra half-inch.

You will also want to get wider lifts. Most lifts are made for short dudes so they are correspondingly narrow to fit in their shoes. As a 6'5 guy I imagine you have much bigger feet than the average lift-wearer.

I would highly recommend you fraud with boots or shoes that have a high ankle. You want to hide that your feet are up way higher in your shoe than they should be. Nike roshes don't look like they fit the bill. They should at least reach up to cover your outside ankle bone. Get something else. I think boots are much much better because "oh I guess the boots make me look a bit taller" is acceptable and normies won't give it a second thought but "my running shoes make me look taller... yeah" is going to be subject to scrutiny.

You are right to subtract one inch from your final height with lift-ish shoes + lifts. I'd estimate that's about average for men's boots which is what the bluepilled guys you are competing with will be wearing.

Enjoy 'being' 6'7", let us know how it goes. Frauding an inch and a half at your current height will take you from being the tallest out of about 400 dudes to tallest out of about 2000... not sure how much difference it will make since you are already top 1%, but it takes you from "tall but within normal range" to "extreme 3+ standard deviations outlier" so who knows.


Mar 9, 2016
i went from 5'10 to 6 ft with vans and 1 inch lifts from 6 buks