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How to approach a friend who I think may be bi


Jul 5, 2015
I met this guy about two years ago. I knew of him, and i'm assuming he knew of me before too. We always saw each other around and gave each other the causual "whats up". One day he asked me if I worked out or played ball and asked if I wanted to join. Although I don't play ball or workout with him often, we've become really good friends. He's currently in a long term relationship with his girlfriend, but the relationship has been a little rocky lately.

Here's some reasons why I think he might be into me. He was no problem sitting close to me on the couch. I've caught him looking at me on several occasions. Once we we're on the topic of facial treatments, and he joking said, "Oh, i'll give you a facial". He's also jokingly said he's into trying new things when joking about thinks in our butts. I feel like he holds eye contact for longer than usual; sometimes with a little smile. On one occasion he mentioned that he knew that an acquaintance of ours is gay. I had no clue.

We've become close friends over the past year. We look out for each other and I really enjoy spending time with him. I think he's really attractive. I've even had dreams about us having sex, him naked, or us just fooling around. I'm afraid of asking him if he's bi because I don't want to risk ruining our friendship. How do I ask him, drop hints, or make a move on him? Are there any other ways to really tell if he's really into guys? Please help!


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