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Black Pill How "pick up artists" actually get laid -- simple explanation for how the "conversion" works/red pill/PUA/etc.


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Jun 4, 2018
Remember when you were a kid, or hearing stories about how kids don't want to/like to eat their vegetables? Remember also how their parents or your parents bargained with you to eat them or else you won't get dessert?

That's basically the whole summary on how PUA get pussy despite almost never being physically attractive enough. See, to the "artist" it's all about conversion -- they love to make themselves believe that they "got" women attracted to them or "created" the attraction. What really happens is that they essentially do the same thing as the parent giving their kids vegetables scenario, i.e., "sleep with me and something good will happen afterwards!"

In the PUA mind (if they can even manage to convince any women at all) they are making the women suddenly attracted to them -- in the dumb/unfortunate "prey" woman's mind who succumbs to the "artist" she's essentially going along with something she doesn't want because of pressure, assurance of something better after, etc.

It's like the age-old adage of the whole "hubby buys wife diamond ring -- she better blow him to thank him" but in a different sense. This is basically the blackpill on how some PUA get laid. Behind the smoke and mirrors it isn't some superb, masculine, authentic skill in creating attraction -- it's some sad, delusional sap who made a dumb woman think she was gaining something when there was zero attraction from the start. Out of billions of women it's no surprise some are dumb enough to fall for some PUA insanity despite his looks likely being very below the mark. The idea here is that women will fuck guys who are beneath the necessary required looks level, but they are not actually attracted to them -- it's all bargaining, holding out for something better, to secure some material/financial end, etc. PUA think they get laid when -- if at all -- they're getting free starfish sex usually at the best -- and they gotta work hard AF for it!

"Game" is just either a delusional sperg trying to weed out the weird, odd woman out and pressure her in to something she doesn't want, or is a Chad/GL enough guy talking -- that's it.


Feb 27, 2021
that's like old school way of salesmen. you kinda force the customer to buy your product. that shit changed it's even illegal and regulated in some countries lol now you have to make the customer wait in the line to buy the product. buddy boyo time changed


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Feb 26, 2021
All seduction material can be summarised in these two sentences

1. Looksmaxxing/Self improvement
2. Approaching as many women as possible

Essentially the more you approach the greater chances you have of finding a lonely depressed woman. I agree its all smoke and mirrors. In the past
women were not used to being approached in the day, so you got rewarded for it. Now its all over the place and no longer interesting.

So the PUAS went to online dating -- and then the community died. If PUA worked then the community wouldn't have died.